How To Lose 10 Pounds "The Healthy Way"

I want to give you my top 3 tips for losing 10 pounds using this very practical formula.

It's not complicated at all! As a matter of fact you can start implementing some of these tips today! It's also going to work with any type of schedule, lifestyle and you don't have to be an athlete for it to work. Check out the formula I use to help my clients lose that extra 10 pounds of fat!

#1 Nutrition


Don't follow a "fad" diet. The reason that I'm so against "diets" is because "diets" are never long term. They’re not usually sustainable. They're short term and they're only good for a short period of time before you can’t stand it anymore. Don't you wonder why there are hundreds of thousands of different types of diets out there?

Instead of going on a “DIET”, change your eating HABITS. The habits are where it all begins and it's where you need to start aiming your focus. Here are some nutrition habits my clients and I use on a daily basis that’ll help you lose that extra 10 pounds! 

• More protein, Less carbs! 

I know how much you love those carbohydrates, but if you want to finally get rid of that extra 10 pounds you have to make a decision to change something! I would recommend consuming anywhere from .8 - 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, depending on your goals. 

• Dairy only 1 meal of the day!

I was never a coach who thought dairy was necessarily "bad" for you, but I DO agree that people consume dairy a little too much. Too much dairy can cause real imbalances in the body and slow down metabolism if consumed for majority of your meals. Instead, if you're a dairy connoisseur, only have dairy ( milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.) for one meal per day. If you do this, or at least lower your dairy consumption by 50%, you will see some pretty fast results. Don't believe me? Give it a try and let me know how it works for you in the comment section of this post.  

• Track EVERYTHING for one week

This is something you've probably heard before and yes... it works! They say if you want someone to do something, then make them aware of something. When you track EVERYTHING that you consume over a week period, you’ll be more aware of what foods and nutrients you’re putting into your body and you might be surprised. Once you can see it, make adjustments along the way, and you'll be on your way to losing those 10 pounds in no time! 

#2 Types of Exercises

When you're trying to lose weight, you want to perform exercises that include multiple muscle groups due to the efficiency of energy expenditure (more muscles worked, more calories burned. 

Examples of multi-joint exercise include:

  • Jumping jacks / Jump rope 

  • Burpees

  • Squat presses

  • Kettle bell swings

  • Deadlifts

  • Power cleans 

#3 Workout Volume (Sets and Reps)

One more aspect of training that will help you lose fat is the volume of your training. This is a common question that will come up, "How many reps do I perform if I want to lose weight?" 

Some might say you want to start with cardio first then worry about weight later... WRONG! In addition to cardio, you must also do resistance training, or weighted exercises to build muscle and increase your metabolism. Here are my recommended rep ranges for weight loss:

  • Beginner - 10-12 reps, 3-4 Sets ; each exercise

  • Intermediate - 12-15 reps, 3-4 Sets ; each exercise or circuit

  • Advanced - 15-20 (no more than 20, after that you're working endurance), 4 Sets ; each exercise or circuit. 

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