Best Supplements for Muscle Gain





Alright guys, so Max Muscle just hit the Market, huh?

Since they are for sale, let's talk about Supplements and our belief system in them, shall we?

The best supplement if you're looking to build muscle

By far, if you want to do it the natural way, creatine monohydrate is the best supplement for muscle gain.

We recommend no flavor.. keep it as natural as possible.

Drink it with water.

How much?

5 grams, because we noticed if you take anymore than that you will get bloated... so 5 grams with water.

Before or after a workout?

"I really try and take it before bed." - Stevie Compagno

"I've always taken it either before or after. I... used to take 2.5 before and 2.5 grams after." - Coach Malek

Another thing we noticed is that they'll tell you to load.

That is the biggest bull sh** marketing scheme ever!

It's False!

(You don't need to load)

It's all to get you to buy more of their products.

All you need is 5 grams a day with water. A teaspoon...

You won't get bloated...

You'll stay shredded...

If you over do it you're just going to get bloated, and you're going to get a little pot belly.

Don't be Pot Belly Billy!

What else can they take?


So one, creatine monohydrate.

Two, protein powder.

Which one are you taking right now?

"I'm taking the Garden of Life" - Stevie Compagno

Where can you get it?

You can just get it on Amazon.

Of course, you can get anything on amazon...

because that's where it's headed, so.. Ya.

Casein powder is also good, that's a slow release protein.

If they want to get one of them, which one would you recommend?

I'd just recommend getting the meal replacement.

A meal is better to eat, you'd rather whole foods than a powder, but it's hard to eat, you know, every three or four hours, so that's why I just take the meal replacement. That way I'm able to get in my four or five meals in a day.

Makes it a lot easier.

What else can we tell them about supplements?

In terms of muscle building, those are the main things, and if we were to give you one more it would have to be; the multivitamin and/or fish oil

Just to clarify...

Only take creatine if you're following a hard core strength training program.

If you're not doing that then don't take it.

Remember guys,

the best supplement you can take is a healthy diet.

And that's a fact.

Much love guys,

Thanks for reading!

SCFIT baby!