How To Properly Pick Up Dumbbells

Most people don’t think about it, but it’s crucial if you want LONG TERM HEALTH.

70% OF GYM INJURIES, happen during the 1st rep(picking the weight up), or on the last rep (putting the weight down).

Make sure you are picking up and putting down the weight PROPERLY, to MINIMIZE INJURY RISK.

So, I'm going to pick up the weights. I want my back to be straight, I'm not going to be bending over and picking it up with an arched back. I'm pretty much picking it up like a deadlift.

After I pick up the dumbbells in the form of a deadlift, right before I begin sitting down, I swing the dumbbells to my knees.

From here, once I'm ready, I'm going to kick up with my knee, and use the momentum to bring them up to my chest and push from there.

You ready? Three, two, one. 

Always committed to your success,

Coach Malek