Memorial Day Fit Tips

What up Squad!
Are you going to a barbecue or an event this weekend for Memorial Day Weekend? Here are 3 quick tips to help you stay on track!

Memorial Day FIT Tips

Tip #1: Stay Active! 

Plan outings with friends that include cardio activities that will burn calories like cycling, paddle boarding, hiking, canoeing, etc.

Tip #2: Wingman 

You are more likely to avoid junk food and temptation of unwanted calories if you hang with another fitness friend. Best of all…you can motivate each other!

Tip #3: Drink Water: 

This weekend will be hot. Remember to drink plenty water to stay hydrated! 💦

These Tips WILL HELP if you 'DO' them! Use them for this weekend! 🙌

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Talk soon,
Coach Malek

New Vlog "What Is Your Routine?"

Today was just another day, the only difference is I filmed it.I did what I do most days...

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How To Properly Pick Up Dumbbells

Most people don’t think about it, but it’s crucial if you want LONG TERM HEALTH.

70% OF GYM INJURIES, happen during the 1st rep(picking the weight up), or on the last rep (putting the weight down).

Make sure you are picking up and putting down the weight PROPERLY, to MINIMIZE INJURY RISK.

So, I'm going to pick up the weights. I want my back to be straight, I'm not going to be bending over and picking it up with an arched back. I'm pretty much picking it up like a deadlift.

After I pick up the dumbbells in the form of a deadlift, right before I begin sitting down, I swing the dumbbells to my knees.

From here, once I'm ready, I'm going to kick up with my knee, and use the momentum to bring them up to my chest and push from there.

You ready? Three, two, one. 

Always committed to your success,

Coach Malek

3 Tips to Increase Your Bench Press

Bench press, have you ever tried it? Are you looking to improve it? This video will help if you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trying to push past a plateau! Sometimes going back to the basics is the best thing we can do. Share this with your gym partner who will find some value in this too!

Tip number one…

Training Volume!

If you’re trying to build, you must make sure that your volume is high enough to be able to break down the muscle tissue so that it can recover and build back stronger. 1,2 even 3 sets won’t do this as well as 4,5 and even up to 6 sets on a single exercise.

I always recommend warming up before starting the workout. For the number one set, make it light. Don't go too heavy on your warm-up set or on your first set. The first set should be easy, it should be light, and you should be able to perform about 10 reps, that's how much I do all the time for my first set. Second set, don't be shy, push yourself! Don't think that you have to go up only 5 pounds at a time, put on 10 more pounds, 20 more pounds. And if you're willing, if you're daring, put on 30 more pounds.

After the heavy set… rest.

This is a big part. This is tip number two:


Recovery in and outside the gym is very important. In between your sets you're gonna want to rest no less than 1:30, maybe even 2 minutes long. You want your muscles to recover the energy that it just used on that heavy set, and you want to be able to have enough time to recover those muscles so you can go into your second set, go into your third set, fully recovered, fully prepared for that weight, so your muscles are able to lift it.

As you see in the video, on my fourth set of the bench press, I am pushing heavy, right? I've been incrementally going up in weight every set, and on my fifth set, I’m going to one rep, failure almost, and I had a spotter to make sure that I don’t drop the weight on my neck... I think he helped me out a little bit too, Freaking A!

If you're spotting someone, don't touch the bar unless they say grab it, alright? Don't touch the bar, OK… don't touch it!!

Ha, ha, Anyway, after my bench press, I go onto my second exercise, now we're going into the third tip which is...

Training Intensity!

Tip number one was training volume. Like I said, I think you should be bench pressing 5, 6, maybe even 7 sets of heavy weight anywhere from 5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps down to 1 to increase your strength, alright. And then tip number two, recovery with those two-minute rests in between, make sure your muscles recover fully, and then even outside the gym make sure that you're not hitting bench every single days, but you're hitting it three times a week giving your body enough time to recover.

Tip number three, training intensity, guys I am lifting as much weight on these last couple sets, and then I'm moving onto incline dumbbell press trying to lift as much weight as possible. The intensity that is going on this workout is very high, very intense. I'm writing this article a couple days after, and I am still sore because of how intense it was. I literally could not lift it anymore by the end of each set. My 4th set of dumbbell inclines, I went to complete failure on my fifth rep, and that's intensity, that's going until you can't go anymore.

That's what you should be focusing on when you are trying to increase your bench press. I hope this article helped you out, and I hope that you were able to grab some tangible tips that you could use to help increase your bench press in the future.

Thank you so much for reading.

Always committed to your success,

Coach Malek


Meal Replacement Smoothies: Your New Weight Loss Plan


Smoothies can be your most valuable solution to eating healthy and losing weight! I believe in them so much I recommend drinking at least two of these powerful superfood drinks a day. Not only will you save money but you will feel amazing. Who doesn't want that!

Here Are 3 Reasons Why I Recommend Drinking Smoothies.

  1. It is an easy way to consume vegetables I normally would not!

2. Fills you up and is less than 500 calories!

3. Convenient because it takes less than 5 minutes to make!


In order to feel full you need to incorporate some sort of carb, fat or protein in the same meal. 

Making a smoothie can be your ultimate solution to dietary fiber; the key ingredient in making us feel full and suppressing appetite. 

An unhealthy diet habit is drinking coffee first thing when you wake up! When you rise in the morning your body is in it’s most dehydrated state.

Don’t have time for breakfast in the morning? Make a smoothie before you go to bed and store it in the fridge. When you wake up take it with you on the go and go conquer the day! 

Eating small meals throughout the day every three hours is one of the biggest tools when trying to lose weight. Smoothies only take 5 minutes to make and can be used for two of your meals. Not only that but they are portable! You can take your smoothie with you wherever you go!